BAM’s Boxing Camp

Featuring David Ball in The Lab @ Sanctuary Fitness DTLA


Sanctuary is collaborating with former Pro Boxer and current celebrity fitness trainer David Ball to offer you a boxing program unlike any other in LA – BAM’s Boxing Camp. This 2 week, 4-class program will teach you the safe and proper boxing basics related to: Hand Wraps, Gloves, Warmups, Punch Form + Technique, Footwork, and Defense Techniques. You will be in a set cohort of your peers from class #1 all the way through class #4. Upon completion of this program, you will have moved beyond beginner status to an advanced technique status capable of delivering an array of boxing combinations involving various punches, defense maneuvers, and counterpunches.

Upon completion you will also be eligible to take Boxing 45 classes on our regular schedule as part of your membership.

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What is included in the Program?

·    Personal Handwraps (machine washable)

·    Personal Boxing Gloves (yours to keep!)

·    Travel Bag for Wraps/Gloves

·    4 Boxing Classes (2 week program on Mondays/Wednesdays)

·    Cohort Style Program – same people and same instructor every class.

·    Knowledge – hands on teaching from a former USA boxer + current Pro Spar Partner.

WHAT will YOU LEARN IN the program?

  • Class 1: Stance / Basic punch count / Application

  • Class 2: Punch count with 2-punch combos / Application / Slips & rolls intro

  • Class 3: 3-punch combos / Slips & rolls / Counter punches

  • Class 4: 3-punch combos / Slips & rolls / Counter punches / Test out

Who is the Instructor, David Ball?

David Ball is collaborating exclusively with Sanctuary Fitness to design and launch this signature Boxing program. Here are a few things to know about David:

  • Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, David will tell you that Boxing saved his life. Boxing is a passion, not just a physical activity to David. It is also a classroom where David teaches you to challenge your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Former amateur USA Boxer with 54 fights in his career

  • Current USA Boxing Pro Sparring Partner

  • Coach for the USC Boxing team

  • Unites States Marine Combat Veteran

  • Husband and Father

Why is BAM’s Boxing Camp at Sanctuary different?

Safety and Proper Technique

If you take classes at Sanctuary, you know we take a Personal Training approach to our classes. We focus on safety and proper technique on basic movements so we can teach you advanced movements and push you to “level up” and test your limits both mentally and physically. Unlike other boxing studios where you hop in with little understanding of proper punch technique or footwork, we are taking the time to make sure you have a TRUE foundation of how to do Boxing properly and safely.

The Personal Touch

True to Sanctuary, your classes will also come with that true personal touch and connection with your instructor. Before class, your instructor will be in the room to help you with your wraps and gloves. After class the instructor will be there to help answer questions. And during class, because this is a small cohort and there will not be new faces popping in during the program, your instructor will get to know you and be able to go to the next level with coaching you and your cohort on advanced techniques.

Unique Top Of The Line Equipment

We will be utilizing the Aqua Training Bag, a specially engineered, tear drop shaped, water filled punching bag that absorbs your punch’s kinetic energy for lower impact on the hands, wrists, and shoulders. They are top of the line. We will also be using Double End Bag, a type of Speed Bag, which you won’t find in other group boxing classes. This special light weight, air filled bag will tone up your shoulders and arms, increase hand speed, increase hand-eye coordination, and due to the constant movement, your cardio levels. These bags are an essential part of a TRUE boxing focused workout session.

What about “regular” boxing classes included in my membership?

BAM’S Boxing Camp is your qualifier for Boxing 45 classes at Sanctuary Fitness. Once you have completed the 4 Class Boxing Camp Program, you will then be eligible to take our future boxing classes that are not part of the special program. We are doing this to protect the integrity of the class. Everyone in these classes will already have their own wraps, gloves, and know all the basics of punch and footwork technique and how our classes will flow so we don’t have to teach new attendees at the beginning of class. This means more time spent in class boxing and less time “figuring it out”.

Details anD Pricing

# of People: Only 24 people in the cohort

When: Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, for 2 weeks (4 total classes), starting on July 15th. 50 min classes (class #1 is 75min).

Pricing (See below for more info on gloves):

$155 (Black / White Boxing Gloves + Wraps You Keep - $85 Value)

$195 (Silver / Gold Leather Boxing Gloves + Wraps You Keep - $125 Value)



Increase precision bag work with complete comfort and wrist stability. Top-grade genuine leather provides ultimate protection Equipped with a full leather wrist strap for extra wrist Support that prevents injury when sparring or hitting the punching bag.


The PRO Boxing Elite GEL Enforced Thumb and multilayered foam padding form an unbeatable combination of power, performance, and protection. GEL lining delivers a winning layer of custom form fit and impact resistance for championship level results.

The infused PBS GEL provides extra support and security. Moisture wicking hand compartment liner keeps your fists cool, dry, and comfortable. These gloves are crafted from specially selected full grain leather.