Introducing Sanctuary Monthly Mantras...

It has been about one month since the grand opening weekend of Sanctuary Fitness here in Downtown LA. We have been so blessed and humbled by all of the wonderful people that have come through our front doors. Thank you for checking us out! Seeing all of you come in and sweat, smile, and fill our facility with so much energy and positivity is what fuels our fire each day! Well that and coffee. ;)

For the month of March, I want to kick off what is going to become a monthly studio wide “thing”. The Sanctuary Monthly Mantra.

This is our monthly theme for personal growth. Two years ago when I started to dream up what I wanted Sanctuary Fitness to be, this Monthly Mantra was one of the most important parts of Sanctuary’s mission.

Sanctuary Fitness is supposed to be a place that is about so much more than sweat. Along with helping you build a strong and healthy physical body, the other part of our mission is to encourage you to build a strong and healthy mind. For us, a person’s fitness and health is equal parts physical and mental because it’s all about balance!

From now on, we will feature a monthly theme for you to reflect on as you go through your workouts as well as during your daily personal life. I will do a blog post each month for the Sanctuary Monthly Mantra and we will display it in the facility and have weekly quotes and statements related to the theme. We also encourage you to post quotes related to the theme to your own social media and tag us if you want us to repost and share on the Sanctuary account!

So without further ado, below is the first Sanctuary Fitness Monthly Mantra:


Persevere – to persist in anything undertaken; to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; to continue steadfastly.

Read those lines again. Let it sink in for a second. One of those 3 phrases will probably jump out at you and strike a chord. Let’s look at each of those phrases a bit more in depth….

“To Persist In Anything Undertaken”
This phrase is pretty simple on the surface, but in all honesty, how often can each of us say we persist in ANYTHING undertaken? If we truly look ourselves in the mirror, we can all admit that at best we persist on maybe half of what we undertake or commit to. Of course there are many reasons for why we might give up on something and often times those are good reasons. The key is making sure you don’t create a habit of lacking in follow through. I think for many of us, we take on too many things and put ourselves into situations that require too much of us. Maybe that means you try to take on fewer commitments at any given time so you can actually persist on those items that you are putting time and energy into?

“To Continue Steadfastly”
Key word here “Steadfastly” - in a resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering manner. What a strong word! When I read this phrase I get the image of a river in my head. A river is not deterred regardless of what is put in its path. It will go around a rock or even cut its own path through the earth a la the Grand Canyon. Even a dam can’t hold a river for very long if that river has enough power, drive, and determination to keep flowing. The energy continuously pools in front of that dam over time until there is enough weight to break through. As Bruce Lee famously said, “Become like water my friend.”

“To Maintain A Purpose In Spite Of Difficulty, Obstacles, or Discouragement”
This particular phrase relating to Persistence in my opinion is the most important one. There’s two parts to this lesson on persistence:

First, you WILL run into difficulty, obstacles, and discouragement. It is inevitable so expect it. Anything worth pursuing generally will include some struggle. (Teaser – next month we will discuss struggle and why it is a necessary and good thing) We of course don’t have control over these difficulties and obstacles when they pop up, but we DO have control over how we react to them. Will you allow them to derail you? Will you be intimidated by them and freeze up? Will you be too prideful to reach out for help to conquer these things? Will you surround yourself with people to encourage you or will you give in to those nagging little voices of discouragement? How you react is what will determine your ability to persist.

The second part to this phrase is the idea of maintaining a purpose in whatever it is that you are doing. It is easy to begin a task or initiative or job with a sense of passion and purpose and slowly but surely have that fire extinguished by the daily grind and the struggle. I challenge you to re-examine the purposes in your pursuits. Do you know what they (your purposes) are? Do you still truly care about them? If the answer is no to either of those questions, then maybe you shouldn’t be devoting so much time to that activity or pursuit. If you DO know what those purposes are but have lost focus on them, remember to take time to refuel the fire.

Step back. Reflect. Refuel. Recommit.

My challenge to you for the month of March relates to Perseverance in two areas:

#1 – With your fitness regimen, I ask you to create a weekly or daily plan and stick to it! Persevere! Win the mental battle that says to sleep in, or to skip that HIIT or Cycling class today, or those thoughts of “I’m too sore today”. Learn to push through those walls you place around yourself. What you will begin to see is that your ability to commit and persevere with your fitness goals will bleed over into other areas of your life.

#2 – What area in your personal life do you need to adopt an attitude of perseverance? Maybe there is a career goal out there that you have thought was unattainable? Maybe you have a personal project that you have been procrastinating on and need to recommit to seeing it through? Maybe there is a relationship out there that you have not been putting the time or effort into because it is frustrating you.

Make a choice today to recommit to something and see it through! Yes, you will meet resistance, obstacles, and other reasons to quit, but don’t give in. Refuel the fire of your passion, remember your purpose, and get to work! You can do more than you think you can.

  - Zach