Member Spotlight - Art A


10 Questions With Sanctuary Member Art A.

1) How did you hear about Sanctuary Fitness?

I saw it on Instagram and then I noticed it on ClassPass. The name & pics of the setup captured my interest.

2) Where or what did you do for fitness prior to joining Sanctuary?

I play a lot of basketball & hike. I would do that and occasionally I would lift weights but I wasn’t consistent and it was boring. Despite those activities, I was still out of shape compared to now. I have lost 80lbs over a span of 1.5 yrs and I am nowhere near satisfied. Sanctuary is helping me reach my goals in a time efficient way.

3) What was your first class experience with us like?

It was incredible! I had no idea what to expect. I saw the setup and it looked a bit intimidating partly because this was my first true HIIT experience. The format & community support is amazing. I was usin ClassPass, visiting different fitness studios all over LA and when I came to Sanctuary for the first time and completed my first training session, it left me with a desire to comeback. I immediately knew this is what I wanted.

4) Why did you join our Sanctuary family?

I joined Sanctuary Fitness because it truly feels like home. I have never felt that at a gym/fitness studio. The mindset of the community here in uniquely amazing.

5) In your words, what makes Sanctuary Fitness special?

As mentioned, the mindset and support of the Sanctuary community is uniquely amazing. The Sanctuary philosophies are #1 Balance & #2 Kaizen which is a Japanese philosophy that centers around “continuous improvement” for both body & mind which I am all about! Every single Sanctuary trainer is inspiring. They show interest & encourage me. Pushing me to reach limits I never really thought I had in me. They bring out the greatness in everyone there. I also take the Cardio Switch class after HIIT strength training. I love it.

Going from sprinting on the HIIT bike to the mat performing various core exercises is really the icing on the cake for me. Allyzon also offers 10 mins of complimentary Yoga & stretching after the class which I do. I walk out of Sanctuary feeling incredible! Not to be overlooked, the Sanctuary community exchanges high fives & fist pumps between stations. It’s definitely an exchange of encouragement. I am grateful to be surrounded by really dope individuals. Sanctuary is home!

6) Have you learned anything about yourself since joining Sanctuary?

Yes many things.

To narrow it down, I’ve learned self-discipline. Training my mind to get up for the 5:30AM HIIT class followed by the 6:30AM Cardio Switch class was a bit of a challenge but I knew I wanted this and I will do whatever it takes. So I now have a nightly routine. I have 4 alarms set - lol. I lay out my gear for Sanctuary & my work day ahead of time. Preparation is key. I have also learned how to push myself to new levels in all aspects of my life.

7) What is your favorite thing to eat after class?

I love coffee so I usually just eat a piece of fruit then go to Urth Cafe or Stumptown Coffee. Mid morning I drink a protein shake.

8) What is the last good book you read?
Relentless by Legendary Trainer Tim Grover (Trained Michael Jordan, Kobe, Wade, etc...)

9) Tell us something about you that not many people know.

I use to be an Underground LA DJ for many years up until 2017 and ate really unclean late nights/early mornings. Drinking was frequent. I work at USC doing cancer research and I love doing my part in this world to help create change.

10) What would you say to someone new to Sanctuary?

Embrace the journey. The beauty is in the process. Prepare your mind and just do the work. The benefits are plentiful.