Member Spotlight - Kasey Ventura


What is your name?

Kasey no middle name Ventura.

When did you first hear about Sanctuary Fitness and what was your first experience with us like?

I think I first learned about Sanctuary Fitness through a Google search. I was looking for a new gym somewhere close to my (then) new job and home and Sanctuary Fitness was one of the results. The funny thing is I first thought it looked too difficult so I was like Nah, not going to happen - then I went on Yelp and it popped up again. I read about some of the instructors and saw some video and I was like, I’m not trying to die. It once again come upon Groupon and I took that as a sign to at least give it a chance. My first experience was really good – I came to a noon class all confused and Jasmine was able to help me out. Alie was the first instructor I took and she made me feel welcomed and when it came to the actual workout I was surprised I was able to get through it. I came back and by the third class I was like, okay – I kinda enjoy this, I wanna try this for a couple months. It’s been more than a couple months and ya’ll haven’t made a bed for me.

How many days per week do you visit us?

At first it was about 3 to 4 times a week now I say about 5 to 6. I know, I should scale back.

What is your favorite thing about Sanctuary Fitness?

Favorite thing is the conversations. I appreciate the moments when instructors give advice pre or post class or even refer to their personal lives. Sometimes they even join in on the workout and complain and it really solidifies them as humans and not just workout beasts. I enjoy talking to other members on just the experience of being in the HIIT or cardio room and getting through it. People are genuinely nice and welcoming which isn’t what most people think is the case when they first join a gym. There’s comradery even with people you may not necessarily know but we’re both going through some form of suffering at the same station or bike.

What is your favorite post SF meal?

On a regular day it's probably a protein shake. I also really love a veggie sandwich from a local café but I'm not gonna lie – sometimes I’ll get some buckwheat pancakes because I have a sweet tooth.

What is the last good book you read?

The last book I actually finished was a celebrity autobiography. Typically, when I do get a chance to read it’s related to politics or education since that’s what I do professionally. I mostly read articles or journals nowadays.

Do you prefer cardio or strength training?

Depends on the day or instructor (kidding). Overall I would say strength since it was the start of my Sanctuary journey but I also can't miss cardio otherwise I feel like something’s missing in my life.

What is your beverage of choice after working out?

Usually a protein shake or water. I mean I’m sure someone wants me to say a beer or mimosa but I’m not much of a drinker. But, I do love a good pressed juice.

What does your perfect day look like?

A perfect day looks like me sleeping all day. I’m not a morning person and sometimes I’m not even an afternoon person. I love days that are chilly and that let me stay in bed and not worry about what I have to do next. If I had to go out – I’d enjoy a nice meal with friends talking about our lives, next steps, where do we want to go in life so on and so forth. I enjoy listening to people and having conversation, especially next to a view like a beach or somewhere in a forest.

How do you think your Sanctuary trainers would describe you?

Depends on the trainers. Some say teacher’s pet which is a complete lie. I think some trainers know that I’m a bit playful especially when I give a look when asked to do any form of exercise or anything really. Some may say I’m helpful. I know I’ve been asked if I consider myself shy but I’d say I'm a bit quiet unless you wanna talk then I’ll talk. A little socially awkward. I hope they think I’m putting in the effort because I really am trying to survive with whatever is thrown my way. At the
end of the day, I just blame Kevin for everything.

What kind of music (or musical artists) do you like to listen to when you work out?

The funny thing is before joining Sanctuary Fitness my workout playlist consisted of a lot of break up songs. It wasn’t because I was going through a bad breakup, I just really love songs about heartache – they’ve been my go-to whenever I need to hype myself up for anything. On the more conventional side of things – reggaetón and a lot of Spanish pop hits are also fun to listen to and sing along to whenever I’m trying to do a burpee.

Tell us something about you that not many people know.

SZA kissed me on the cheek once. It was cool.