Member Spotlight - Lynn Pelkey


What is your name?  

Lynn Pelkey

When did you first hear about Sanctuary Fitness and what was your first experience with us like?

My spin studio, YAS, announced it was closing permanently the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2017, and I was devastated. Wisely Sanctuary reached out to YAS members and offered free classes through the end of the year. I started the Monday after Thanksgiving and have been going every since. My first experience was great, albeit a little nerve wracking. Here I was walking into a new gym where everyone knew the routine and I was a newbie. At the time Sanctuary offered cycling, so, I told Allyzon (who I knew from YAS) that I had signed up for Brandon’s morning cycling class. She offered to take cycling with me in the morning if I took Zach’s HIIT class at night. It made sense to go with a buddy, so, I took her up on the offer. Brandon’s class was amazing and I felt at home right away. The same was true with Zach’s class. He kept an eye on me and made sure I did each exercise correctly. I was a mess with the TRX suspension, but he was patient with me until I got it. I remember truly feeling like a fish out of water, but the instructors and members were so awesome. Everyone was encouraging and high fiving me. From my first day I knew that Sanctuary was a special place.

How many days per week do you visit us?


What is your favorite thing about Sanctuary Fitness?

Besides the fact that I get a great workout each time I go - my favorite thing is the community. I don’t have a lot of gym experience, so, I find myself asking other members “Are other gyms like this? Do they have the sense of community, the instructors that make you feel so special...” And every time the answer is no, Sanctuary is unique. I recently was asked if I have a “workout buddy.” No, I don’t have a regular buddy where we schedule workouts together. I like to say every time I show up to a class, I already have a buddy there. Whether it’s someone I know, or not, there’s always someone to say hi to, chat with, find out their exercise journey, encourage them, or, be encouraged by them.

What is your favorite post SF meal?

I work out in the morning, so, it’s breakfast. I hope what they say about “continuing to burn fat throughout the day” is true, or at least through breakfast. I mostly go home and eat avocado toast with poached eggs, but sometimes as a treat I’ll grab breakfast in the area after my workout.

What is the last good book you read?

I’ve (slowly) been working my way through “How Not to Die.” It’s been a major influence in some diet and lifestyle changes.

Do you prefer cardio or strength training?

I used to think cardio, but since I’ve started taking HIIT classes, I’m finding I really like strength training. I like the changes I feel in my body and the strength that I’m building.

What is your beverage of choice after working out?


How do you think your Sanctuary trainers would describe you?

I have such admiration and respect for my trainers, I’d love to know how they’d describe me. I think they would say I’m motivated, strong, improving, and determined.

What kind of music (or musical artists) do you like to listen to when you work out?

Musicals. There are some mixes that have been made that are really great for working out. Ask Allyzon for the “Lynn” playlist.

Tell us something about you that not many people know.

On July 4 2016 I ruptured a brain aneurysm in Canada. Through amazing emergency response and medical care, I survived. I’ve been given a second chance at life and I am so grateful for it.