Monthly Mantra - emPOWERment Month (May 2019)

It is emPOWERment month at the studio(s). Have you noticed? If you didn’t realize it, check out the wall in DTLA HIIT room or the glass doors to the HIIT room in Pasadena. All that writing and scribble has a purpose. What is that purpose you ask? Keep on reading to find out!


We have 2 questions for you to ask yourself this month:

#1 – What moves, motivates, excites, or makes you want to do something?

#2 – What do you need to let go of so you can embrace what moves you? 

Just like the workouts at Sanctuary, these 2 questions seem so simple, but actually diving into your personal answers for these questions and putting it into practice in your daily life is difficult. But why?  I can tell you that answering question #1 usually isn’t the problem. It is easy to know what you care about, are passionate about, or see what motivates you into action. You can see this in how you choose to spend your free time, or in the things that spark an emotional response inside you, or in what you do for a career, or in things that you volunteer to do that help others. We all are probably very in tune with and happy to talk about the things that move us to action.

But what creates inaction in your life? What are you holding on to that doesn’t allow you to achieve everything that you are capable of achieving or having in your life? THIS is the question that requires self-reflection, honesty, and courage. It is also the question that will lead you down a path towards positive change in your life.  

I was in class last week in our Pasadena studio, and our amazing instructor Jake shared with us his personal answers to these 2 questions and challenged us to ponder them for ourselves. His answers struck a chord for me and I really appreciated his honesty and vulnerability in sharing with us. So I realized that if I’m going to challenge you as a member of our Sanctuary crew to dig deep and reflect on these things, I should challenge myself to also be vulnerable and share. I’m learning more these days that there is power in being vulnerable and sharing who you are with those around you. I believe that one of the most important parts of our human experience is the connection that comes from sharing our thoughts and feelings in an open manner. So here goes! 

What motivates, excites, and moves me? 

This can run the gamut from simple everyday things to things and concepts that are much more personal and deep. 

Simple things that motivate or move me:

 I love shoes – always have! I enjoy trying new foods. I enjoy rooting for and supporting the underdog and seeing them win. Learning - I enjoy learning something new no matter what the topic.

Deeper things that motivate or move me: 

I care about seeing everyone with smiles on their faces having a good time. I want everyone to know they are loved. I want everyone to know that the “ceiling” of their potential is higher than they think it is. 

Personal things that motivate or move me: 

Basic financial security (pretty sure we all feel this way). Making my family proud that I share their last name. Spending my time creating things that have a positive impact on the world around me. Challenging myself to perform to my potential. That last one is the big one for me.

What do I need to let go of so I can embrace what moves me?

Here is where we all have to go deep and get vulnerable, folks. Jake said the answer to this question for him was letting go of the fear of imperfection. THIS is exactly what struck a chord with me. I need to let go of fear in my life. Fear can be a motivator just as much as it can be a venom that paralyzes you and robs your ability to move forward. Fear can be sneaky. Fear can stem from many sources in your past and can pop up in many ways.  It can come in the form of being “rational” and over-analyzing something or waiting for “the right time” to do something. It can be a fear of the unknown that keeps you in a comfort zone. It can be a fear of what other people think. It can be a fear of getting hurt. 

For me, my fears definitely come in a strain of the fear of failure. I am one who analyzes. For things I am planning to do, that can be a positive! But it can also be a negative if I look backwards and I become too self critical. I can start to play the what if game. What if I had just taken the time to do this or do that, then things would have gone smoother. What if I actually DON’T perform up to my potential? Or even worse, what if my potential isn’t actually as high as I keep telling myself it is? What then?  

I have to let go of the “What Ifs” in my life that originate in fear. I need to replace those with POSITIVE “What Ifs” and be excited to embrace the unknown, embrace discomfort, and embrace the challenges that inevitably rise up so I can experience that full feeling of POWER that comes when you are living in the things that motivate, excite, and move me. I encourage you to do the same!


See you in the studio!

- Zach Golden

CEO, Sanctuary Fitness 

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