Get Body’d with Sabrina

Featuring Sabrina Antionette in The Lab @ Sanctuary Fitness DTLA


Sabrina is launching her first ever signature program in The Lab @ Sanctuary Fitness. These 45 minute classes are all about Booty Gains and Self Confidence Gains in this closed cohort based program. Over the course of 6 weeks and 12 classes, Sabrina is going to build up your booty, tone up those legs, and teach you to be sexy and strong both inside and out. No matter your shape, you are sexy and Sabrina is going to teach you how to bring it in each and every class. You will leave each class with sweaty clothes, sore glutes, some newfound ways to shake it, and definitely be feeling yourself.

What is included in the Program?

·       6 week cohort based program with 12 total classes every Tuesday and Thursday night.

·       Not open to drop ins. You’re either in the Program or you’re not. Limited Spots.

·       Weekly at home squat challenges.

·       Weekly booty check-ins.

·       On the Go workout with Booty Band

·       Closed cohort only group chat to keep each other accountable (can opt in or out)

·       Offered Exclusively at Sanctuary Fitness.

·       Hip Hop & R&B focused playlist (let’s get Ratchet y’all!)

·       Lower Body Focus on lifting and sculpting your glutes and toning your legs.

·       Every class ends with a sexy cooldown where Sabrina teaches you how to move and have a little fun with your body!

Details anD Pricing

# of People: Only 24 people in the cohort

When: Tuesday nights at 8:30pm and Thursday nights at 7:30pm, for 6 weeks (12 total classes), starting on June 4th. 45 min classes.

Pricing: Sanctuary Members: $120

Non Members: $150 (you’ll pay member price upon signup, then additional $30 as separate charge)