Our Philosophies

#1 Balance

We truly do believe that a healthy life is a balanced life. To achieve physical balance, we purposefully offer both cardio and strength training. The body needs both to be fully functional. For mental balance, we also believe that you have to mix in some fun with the work! We like donuts and craft beer just as much as the next person! While we aim for a healthy and fit lifestyle, we do believe it is okay to indulge from time to time.

#2 Kaizen

This Japanese philosophy centers around the ideas of “change for the better” and “continuous improvement”. No matter how small the change or the improvement, they all add up over time. We encourage everyone to adopt the mindset that there is always something in our lives that we can try to change for the better and push to continuously improve. This philosophy is one that we use in our classes to transform your body, and over time, transform your mind.


Sanctuary Fitness is a place where anyone and everyone comes together to unplug from the daily grind and find Peace Through Perspiration. You will leave our studio physically exhausted, yet mentally and spiritually recharged.